Academic teaching staff  are invited to use our self-assessment e-tool to assess their competences in using transformative digital pedagogies in their teaching practices.
Raising awareness about the need of academic teaching staff to self-assess their digital and pedagogical competence status.

The TDP4HE project has developed a theoretical assessment framework of academic staff competences in transformative digital pedagogies, and to provide this framework in the format of an e-tool to be used by teaching academic staff to self-assess their competences in transformative digital pedagogies. The TDP4HE assessment framework stems from previous frameworks for pedagogical approaches in HE (Blundell et al., 2020; Cavanagh et al., 2020; Yahya et al, 2017) as well as frameworks for the digital competence of educators (European Commission, 2017). The TDP4HE assessment framework has been built according to a hierarchical structure of six proficiency levels that will describe, from the most basic to the most advanced, the competences that academic teaching staff require in order to implement transformative digital pedagogies in their practices.

This tool will also help academic teaching staff to check their competence level before and after taking the Training Programme on Transformative Digital Pedagogies. The tool will be publicly available through the TDP4HE Open Community of Practice and the project’s website.

Date of update 26 mai 2023