The consortium members

The consortium includes 5 EUt+ members:

Our Expertise

The partners have complementary expertise in transformation of pedagogy with digital technologies, and a recent history of successful collaboration through the ELaRA laboratory of EUt.
The mix of participating organisations complement each other:

  • The RTU team, led by Dr.paed.Velta Lubkina, has more than 20 years of expertise in didactics of HE. Dr. Lubkina has been involved as project manager in the Fundamental and Applied Research project “Implementation of Transformative Digital Learning in Doctoral Program of Pedagogical Science in Latvia – DocTDLL, the Latvian-Ukrainian Cooperation Program project “Gender aspects of digital readiness and development of human capital in the region”.
  • The CUT team has long experience in EU projects in didactics and pedagogies with the use of digital technologies. Dr Elis Kakoulli Constantinou, leader of the CUT team, and the other team members have long experience in technology enhanced learning. In addition, they are members of the CUT Learning Development Network, an organisation whose main objective is to enhance the educational experience of the students of CUT and to promote innovation in teaching and learning.
  • The UTT team has strong experience in the construction of training and support programs for teachers. Dr. Yann Verchier is the head of the Center for Pedagogical Innovation in UTT, and is doing research on the questions of skills and assessments. The Center for Pedagogical Innovation conducts projects such as training programs for new teachers or development of digital skills (tools, use of technology for pedagogy) of the academic staff, with an experimentative approach. The UTT has also experience in setting up community platforms.
  • The TUDublin team has a depth of knowledge in supporting and developing new pedagogies. Patrick Flynn has developed - as part of a research team- a new feedback system to support project based learning for students. Dr Muireann O'Keeffe has worked with colleagues in developing a peer to peer observation method to support teachers.
  • The UPCT team has knowledge and experience in setting up and managing LMS for any kind of course. The Digital Content Production Centre of the UPCT has developed a repository of OER and an authoring tools for teachers to easily produce enhanced online digital educational contents, which can be included in any e-Learning platform (Erasmus + Project (2018-1- ES01-KA201-050924) INDIe). The UPCT has also experience in gamification, creation of educational videos and in the streaming and recording of lectures.

The added value of our collaboration resides in the quality and relevance of the activities planned within the project, which can only be achieved through the cooperation of the consortium.
Associated EUt+ partners

Date of update 24 avril 2023