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Cyprus University of Technology

About CUT


Limassol, Cyprus

An applied sciences research-orientated university, promoting research excellence and innovation for the benefit of science and society. Recently developed strategic plan gives emphasis on campus life, student experience and sustainable development within the 17 UNSDG’s framework.

CUT is young, public university, established in 2004, first outside the capital city, attracted high-caliber researchers and students.

Key figures

  • 3000 students (250 phd candidates and 650 MA/MSc level)
  • 160 academics
  • 330 other teaching and research staff
  • 220 administrative staff
  • A city university – all facilites within the city-centre
  • top 300-351 THE World University Rankings (2020)
  • 63rd Young Universities Rankings (2019)
  • €40m external funding for 227 research programmes
  • €9m HORIZON2020
  • 2 Teaming for Excellence
  • 2 ERC strategic projects

Main themes

17 UNSDG’s framework

Improving campus life and student experience by alligning policies and action plans with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Research, Innovation and Academic Excellence

promotes and enables ambitious research that contributes to reaching solutions to real-life promblems. Introducing new policities to support young researchers and to improve their working environment. Emphasis given on international, multidisiplinary research initiatives.


Design and deliver quality education, which equips students with the knowledge and skills that enable them to make a positive contribution to society. Recent framework of courses / programmes for hybrid education and initiating the Learning Development Network.
Date of update 12 mai 2023