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The TDP4HE team and the Centre for Pedagogical Initiative at UTT (CiP) participate in PedagoLab in Lille: A strong commitment to pedagogical innovation and generative AI.

Published on June 27, 2024 Updated on July 4, 2024

on the June 11, 2024

The pedagogical cooperative of UTT (CiP), a unit dedicated to supporting the teaching staff, recently participated in the PedagoLab event held at the Catholic University of Lille on Tuesday, June 11. As part of CiP's mission of pedagogical monitoring and EUT+'s mission of pedagogical innovation, this major event brings together higher education and research stakeholders each year to discuss crucial issues related to pedagogical innovation and emerging technologies, particularly generative artificial intelligence (GAI) and its links to higher education.

Organized by ANSTIA (National Association of TICE and Audiovisual Services for Higher Education and Research), which plays a central role in promoting and developing information and communication technologies for education (TICE) and audiovisual services. ANSTIA facilitates exchanges between institutions, encouraging the adoption of new technologies and pedagogical methods to improve the quality of higher education in France by promoting pedagogical innovations and new technologies.

Focus on Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI)

Generative artificial intelligences (GAI) represent a revolution in higher education, offering unprecedented opportunities to enrich pedagogical practices and transform learning methods. During PedagoLab, particular attention was given to the integration of GAI into teaching processes. Participants explored how these technologies can not only automate certain administrative tasks but also personalize learning paths to meet students' specific needs.

Pedagogical engineers, the organizers of PedagoLab, played a crucial role in these workshops, bringing their expertise to guide teachers through the various stages of GAI integration. They demonstrated how GAI can be used to create interactive educational content, improve student motivation, and provide personalized feedback tailored to students' needs. Moreover, they assisted teachers in designing innovative pedagogical activities, integrating GAI to stimulate student engagement and motivation with these novel tools.

Through its workshops, the PedagoLab event guided participants in the pedagogical use of new technologies and conducted pedagogical monitoring of generative artificial intelligence (GAI). By bringing together experts, teachers, and pedagogical engineers, PedagoLab created a space for essential exchange and collaboration to guide teachers in discovering a still-evolving pedagogical paradigm.

To learn more about innovative pedagogy initiatives at UTT, check out the TDP4HE (Transformative Digital Pedagogies for Higher Education) project, which emphasizes clarifying the role of new technologies in education through dedicated training programs for teachers.

Date of update 04 juillet 2024